My Dream Came True

I had a dream.

A dream about us, us all. We were gathered in a fatherly friend’s house, all of us. Sipping wine, making food, having conversation about stuff that really only relates to us.

We are all the same, we all have this similarity. But yet we are all worlds apart and different. We have our own ideas and dreams, our own separate lives, hopes, fears, pains.

There’s a warm wind blowing outside, there’s a storm coming our way, but there’s a warm fire burning inside.

The two dogs sleeping at our feet.

We have good conversations, but even the silence is filled with warmth.

We are bound with love.

Although this journey is about to end, but the time that we have shared, we know, will keep us together. No matter how far apart this world may take us.

We are bound in love.

My dream came true.

These past five months at chef school has miraculously changed me, helped we discover parts of myself that I did not even dream of. It has been crazy hard, as with any thing in life I suppose. Hardest of all was being here alone, being alone for the first time in my life. The first time I’ve truly been able to find myself all by myself.

I’ve been so blessed with the people that had randomly decided to come on this course the same time I did.

In the end I really don’t feel I’ve learnt so much about food, or how to cook. But I’ve learnt stuff way more valuable.

It has been a time of tremendous growth. Mostly just that it is okay. And by that I mean OK. Life is okay. People are okay. The world is okay. I’m okay.

Really it’s all okay.

And more than even I am able to say, and better understand, that love and acceptance is key.


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